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The islands (Ré, Aix…)

Setting out from La Tranche sur Mer, you can board a cruise boat which will take you for a journey of discovery round the islands! Explore the pearls of the Atlantic, the islands of Ré, Aix and Oléron.

Ré island :

If you make a stop on the island nicknamed « Ré the white » (because of its traditional white houses), we can recommend a bike ride to allow you to appreciate its beautiful landscapes. Over a hundred kilometers of cycle paths will take you on a magical tour of the varied landscapes of the island (natural wildlife areas, salt flats, beaches and picturesque little villages). An opportunity to soak up true Rétaise culture.

If Ré is a cyclist’s paradise, it also owes its reputation to the stunning, fine, sandy beaches some of which are classed among the most beautiful in Europe. The charming, authentic villages will win your heart (among the most well-know are Saint Martin de Ré, Loix, Les Portes en Ré and Rivedoux). A wonderful environment where you can sit back, take a break, and perhaps a little refreshment under the shade of a lime tree.

The message is clear! Whatever your preferences, you will find more than enough in this area to have a really fulfilling holiday. Ah! I forgot to tell you that we also have numerous water sports training clubs where you can hone up your water skills or become a confident beginner in a new sport (sailing, surfing, kite-surfing).

Aix island :

Aix island is our firm favourite, a gift from nature, the essence of unspoiled natural beauty…You might think this an exaggeration, but sincerely, we urge you to discover this magical place for yourselves.

Aix island is best explored by foot or by bike and is a post card setting with its clear waters, its wild, secluded coves, a seemingly timeless location completely free of the sounds and smells of the city.

A word of advice before visiting this island: pack a good pick nick, by far the best option for sharing a meal with family and friends in the shade provided by the pine trees. And it goes without saying, take your swimsuit, goggles and scuba equipment!

There are a few restaurants on the island but our best recommendation would be :

-Le Bar Beau Teint: simple and welcoming, not spoilt by touristic gimmicks and all ingredients are fresh and delicious.

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