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Puy du Fou

The unmissable Puy du Fou… France’s favorite theme park, and known world-wide, this historical theme park has received global acclaim, gaining many awards.

– The show entitled « dernier panache » was nominated “Best Worldwide Creation” for the creative design and originality of this production (awarded at the Los Angeles ceremony in April 2017).

– In 2014 and for the second time, the Puy du Fou received the highest worldwide recognition for theme parks and shows by being voted “BEST THEME PARK OF THE WORLD

This theme park has been conceived as a time travelling device… You will experience gladiators in fight-to-the-death combats (well, almost) in the bristling setting of the area, you can experience the unique thrill of Verdun’s trenches – we guarantee you will not go home disappointed.

You’ll see artisans at work in some of the oldest of rustic crafts, sculptors, glass blowers… Some wonderful moments to share with the family.

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